Destination Imagination Tournament

Whew! Well, we all survived the hectic weekend that is known around here as DI Day. We filled a number of vehicles with the boxes of props, costumes, PVC pipe and tons of recycled cardboard that formed each team's set.

My elementary team performed early in the day - thank goodness; I don't know if their nerves would have held up for much longer! They took the audience on a quick trip to the islands in Sudden Serendipity.

The middle school team - comprised of four boys - performed Live! It's RaDIo DI later in the day, after much basketball and copious amounts of food (candy counts as food, right?). Their performance was humorous, to say the least. They met a bit of a stumbling block as they learned to work with unexpected noise from the audience. It was good noise - laughter - but their dramatic experience is limited, so some of their lines were lost in the ruckus.

Both teams had a great time, watched some fabulous performances and learned to form a Conga line. The middle school boys walked away with a Spirit of DI award, which was a bittersweet ending to a fabulous day - we all hate to see it end!

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