Back Talk #3

Backwards questions encourage kids to think creatively -- they can't just shout out an answer; they have to rearrange their thought process and phrase their answer as a question. Figuring out what question fits the answer takes some ingenuity.

Take for instance this one:

The answer is cheese pizza. What is the question?

Just think of all of the unique questions that fit with this answer:

  • What is my favorite dinner?
  • What could be used as a tire if it were overcooked?
  • What can be round or square?
  • What wasn't served at the first Thanksgiving?
  • What is covered with melted cheese?
  • What is baked, not fried?
The potential for unique answers is unlimited. Ready to try one of your own?

  • The answer is round. What is the question?
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Have fun!

1 comment:

Brad said...

What is a barrel?

What comes after Merry-go-?