Make the Connection -- The Game

In past posts, I've presented Make the Connection - a simple word game in which participants attempt to make as many connections between two words as possible. It's easy enough to grab two words from the English language and see what your group can do. But why not transform that word play into a full fledged game?


5 wooden blocks
Six different colors of paint
A Sharpie marker

Make the blocks:

Paint each side of the blocks a different color and allow to dry. Use the Sharpie to write a single noun on each side of the blocks.

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Seat the group in a circle on the floor or around a table. In turns, team members choose two blocks to roll. Now, Make the Connection between the two words rolled. For each roll, the group has one minute to cooperatively come up with as many connections as possible. Work your way around the group until each player has had the opportunity to throw the dice one time.


• Each connection made is worth one point
• Points are doubled if the two blocks rolled land with matching colors facing up

Keep track of collective scores and try to beat the group's high score each time you play.

Have fun!

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