Cut, Tie, Zip!

Here's a challenge that requires fast communication and superior teamwork.

Set Up

Gather the materials from the list below and place them on a table. Read the materials list and team instructions out loud to the team.

Team Materials

2 pieces of paper
1 pair of lace up shoes (untied)
A container filled with 25 toothpicks
A sandwich sized zip top bag
*may not be altered

Team Instructions

You have two minutes to complete the following tasks: Cut one piece of paper into four pieces and one piece of paper into six pieces; tie the shoelaces on both shoes into bows and put the toothpicks into the zip top bag and seal it, without directly touching any of the toothpicks. But here's the catch: each team member can only use one hand in completing this task. You must each place one hand behind your back. You will be notified when you have only one minute remaining. You will receive up to ten points each for creativity, communication and cooperation. You will also receive five bonus points for each successfully completed task.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Can the container holding the toothpicks be used? It seems to me that an easy way to get the toothpicks into the bag would be to pour them I missing something?

Kris said...

Hi there!

Sure, the container can be used, and likely your group will figure that method out. But, with each team member using only one hand, they will have to work *together* as a group to keep the bag open enough so that someone can get those toothpicks into the bag. It's not about giving them an impossible task, but rather, about encouraging teamwork.

Have fun!