I ran across a mention of Guess-the-Google on The New Homemaker of all places, while doing some research for my next book. With one internet search - totally unrelated to creativity - I found a very clever game and an excellent way to waste time all in the name of creative thinking.

Similar in nature to some of my previous "What is the answer?" posts, Guess-the-Google provides players with a montage of images from Google. Your job is to correctly guess the search term. It's tougher than it sounds! Give it a try and of course...

Have fun!


Kevin Eikenberry said...

This is a fantastic little game. I highly recommend it!

Kevin :)

Rosa Say said...

Aloha Kris,

I found your blog in two ways this morning, first via Kevin Eikenberry's post about this game (great find!) and then on my referral logs when someone came to visit me on Talking Story: thank you so much for your recommendation in your blogroll.

You have a great site here: I love what you are doing and the message you send out for families. Your ho'ohana (your passion for your work) is needed in our world, and can be of great benefit to so many. I've just subscribed via BlogLines and will be back to visit you often.

Again mahalo; thank you for being part of my Ho'ohana Community of Talking Story readers.
My aloha to you, a hui hou,