Good News/Bad News

~ Official Business ~

Good News: I love the Amazon Click to Pay program! I hope that those of you who have ordered Ten Minute Tasks have found it as easy to navigate as I have.

Bad News: There was a glitch (email related, I think) with *one* order, and I have no way of knowing who it was until I receive that official (apparently lost) email. To remedy this, I will be refunding that payment. If you get a refund from me, that's why! To compensate you for your troubles, email me directly and I'll send Ten Minute Tasks out to you, no charge.

And, we'll file this one under Weird News: If you're looking for previous posts and archives, they're there...they are just WAY down at the bottom of the sidebar. No idea why. I can't seem to fix it (though I keep trying).

Have questions about Ten Minute Tasks or Team Challenges? Feel free to contact me at

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