**Ice Cold Colors**

Looking for a little something to keep the kids busy this summer? How about an underwater challenge? Please make sure all of the kids are good swimmers, then dive in!

Ice Cold Colors

Set up:

Night before: Fill 3 ice cube trays with 3 different colors of water (tint the water using food coloring) and freeze. Alternatively, freeze BIG cubes in recycled plastic containers.

Pool day: Set three paper plates at various places around the edge of the pool. Assemble the kids in the pool, far away from the plates. Read the team instructions aloud to the team, dump in the colored ice and give a start signal.

Team Instructions:

Three different colored cubes will be dumped into the pool. Your task is to get the ice cubes out of the pool. The ice cubes must be placed onto the paper plates near the pool's edge, and sorted by color. You may not touch the cubes with your mouth or hands during this challenge and you may not leave the pool at any time. You have five minutes to completely remove all of the ice cubes from the pool and sort them by color. You will receive up to ten points each for creativity, communication and cooperation. You will also receive five bonus points for each color of cubes completely removed from the pool and successfully stacked on a paper plate.

Have fun!