New Kids, New Answers

Having relocated over the summer, I'm working with an entirely new group of kids, introducing them to the Destination Imagination program. Other than my own kids, none of the kids in this group has ever participated in a creative problem solving program.

With the introductions over, I presented the kids with a simple verbal challenge straight out of Team Challenges:

  • Name different kinds of rock

Of course, their first answers were just what you might expect, but as they pushed around the circle searching for more creative answers, I could see the lights go on. They excitedly added more unique answers, becoming exceedingly pleased with themselves. In less than five minutes, they had discovered how to veer from the norm to come up with creative solutions to a simple problem. I love to watch this happen!

I won't spoil the fun here, but if you want to see some of the answers these kids came up with, check the comments below this post; I'll share them there.

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Kris said...

Watch the progression, as the kids go from common answers to breaking the boundaries of expectation:

Blue rock
A' a
(note: we are in Hawaii and the previous two answers are types of lava)
Hard Rock
Rock and roll! (lights starting to go on)
Rock band
Rowboats rock
Don’t rock the boat!
The Rock (apparently a pro wrestler)