Shortcut to Challenges

Some of the past challenges have become buried in the archives, but until I have time to redo (and figure out) my sidebar, I thought it would be helpful to post direct links to some of the building challenges in one place.

Here they are:

**Build a Tower**

**Use your Noodle**

**Suspend As Many Marshmallows In The Air As Possible**

**Elevate an Apple**

**Grand Spans**

**Finally, a cure for the common cold!**

**Door Jamb Span**

**Balloon Walk**

**Create an Ornament**

**Ice Cold Colors**

**Four Square**

**Build a Tower that Won't Topple**

Don't forget to check the archives if you want to see photos of how other teams solved these challenges. And, if you try these out with your team, let me know -- I'm always happy to add photos so that others can be inspired by you!

Have fun!

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