Team Challenges is Here!

Not just the challenges, the BOOK! It is so much nicer to hold it in book form than reading it on a computer screen. Of course, it's especially nice that it has my name on it…

I used it to present some new challenges to my creative problem solving groups; it was the first time I've had everything contained in a book, rather than on assorted sheets of paper. I felt so incredibly organized!

I think that this week, I'll present my team with Cushion a Water Balloon's Fall (page 102) and perhaps Balloon Shuffle (page 206). And of course several of the verbal challenges, maybe this one, from Signs of the Times (page 52):

SIGN: Stop at the Dewdrop Inn for some LMP

What could it mean? (Lemon Meringue Pie)

If you pre-ordered Team Challenges from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, it should be on its way to you; I'd love to hear what challenges your team is tackling!

Oh, and don't forget; if you need challenges for your group in a hurry, Ten Minute Tasks is still available and September proceeds go to Hurricane Katrina charities. Check the sidebar for information.

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