**Build The Alphabet**

Set Up

Gather the materials listed below. Place all materials on an otherwise empty table. Read the list of construction materials and the team instructions out loud to the team.

Construction Materials

2 drinking straws
5 paper clips
10 toothpicks
1 clothespin
12" square of aluminum foil
12" length of string
5 recycled plastic lids
3 rubber bands
*may not be altered

Team Instructions

Everyone is familiar with the alphabet, right? Your task today is to create the alphabet from the construction materials you see on the table. You must create as many letters as possible in five minutes. The letters must be created in alphabetical order - no fair jumping ahead to easy letters. Team members may not speak during building time. You will be notified when you have only one minute remaining. You will receive one bonus point for every complete and recognizable letter, and up to 10 points each for cooperation, communication and creativity.

Have fun!

Note: Excerpted from Team Challenges, page 156.

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