Just where are you coming from??

Minsk, Australia, New Jersey, Texas, Great Britain, Florida, Canada, Spain, California, New Mexico, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, New York, Belarus, Phillipines…………these are just a few of the places that visitors to this site hail from.

I just ran across a neat program online that allows users to create a map showing where members of a certain group reside (kind of like the old fashioned version of sticking a pin on a wall map). I created a map just for visitors to this site; If you're inclined to add yourself to the Team Challenges map, please do so. It's easy – click "Add Yourself". Then, you simply add your name and zip code (along with a silly "shout out") to a blank form. Your place in space will automatically be marked. It seems like a nice reminder that we all live in this world together!

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