Team Challenges

"I lent a copy of this book to a couple of teachers at the school, and they are both going nuts for it."
~Jody Mace, librarian

"This is not another rehash of the same old stuff! I recommend it highly."
~ Eric A. Spanitz - professor at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

"Activities like these can create a sense of unity and "classroom" and are also a great way to get to know the children and their creative strengths."
~ Rebecca Kiki Weingarten, Education and Career Coach

"An entertaining and delightful way to learn the essentials of group communication!"
~ JoJo Tabares, communication expert and author of the Say What You Mean series

Such nice, nice things to hear! I had to share. The wonderful comments that I get from visitors to this site make my day. Beyond my own personal satisfaction, my publisher likes to hear that the book is being well received. ;-)

A few people – mostly people who are familiar with the trials and tribulations of the publishing world – have asked how they can help. As a first time author, I'm quickly discovering how important the internet is in spreading the word about books. It's actually pretty cool how much influence the average person has these days!

***Try the challenges here or from Team Challenges with your group and send in pictures! Without those great photos, this blog is just me, me, me – and that's not really so interactive. Or exciting.

***Send me your comments about Team Challenges or the activities on this site. Helps me to know that I'm hitting my mark and people are having fun.

***If you own Team Challenges, write a couple of sentences about it and add a "review" to or

***Consider as a great gift for the youth leaders or teachers you know for the upcoming holiday season.

***If you participate in a creative problem solving program, scouting or other youth group tell your local groups about the book. If they have an email list mention Team Challenges there. If they have a newsletter and need cool stuff to add to it, suggest that they email me - I'd love to help.

Are any of you old enough to remember the commercial that showed a beautiful woman who told two friends about her new favorite shampoo, then they told two friends, and so on…..

That's what we're going for here! A little Internet buzz to double the fun.

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