A Paper Clip Chain

Last week I presented my team with a task from Team Challenges (page 170 – Assemble a Paper Clip Chain). Their first reaction was, "Piece of Cake!"

I read the part of the team instructions that explains that all team members must place one hand behind their back, using only one hand. For this, I got, "Dude!"

Finally, I explained that they couldn't talk at all during the construction time.

The silent, one-handed team of seven went to work, at first tentatively, but as they experimented, they quickly got into a rhythm. Pairs of kids worked together to link the paperclips and when their chains were deemed long enough, they'd link them with their teammates chains.

They ended up with a paper clip chain that was about 6' long! They were so proud of themselves, and I could see that they kind of turned the corner to understanding how to work together. I love that moment!

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