**Create an Ornament**

Set Up

Place the materials listed below on a table and allow ample room in which team can work. Read the list of materials and the team instructions out loud to the team.


1 sheet of newspaper
3 drinking straws
1 sheet of sticky dots
10 paper clips
1 plastic baggie
3 bread tabs
12" square of aluminum foil
1 cork
1 egg carton

*may not be altered

Team Instructions

Your team is in charge of decorating the Christmas tree at the local library. Upon opening the box of ornaments that you've been given to use, you discover that all of the decorations are broken. You have five minutes to create new ornaments for the tree before the library opens. You will be notified when you have only one minute remaining. You will receive up to ten points each for creativity, communication and cooperation. You'll also receive five bonus points for each visibly different ornament.

Have fun!

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