Signs of the Times

Here's another simple activity similar to those you'll find in Team Challenges. These verbal challenges are great tools for getting kids to think out of the box - and they are great for car rides, too. If you're a team leader for creative problem solving programs such as Destination Imagination or Odyssey of the Mind, try it out on your team to rev up their creativity.

Here you go:

Travel any road or highway and you'll see countless signs. But have you ever seen a sign that left you scratching your head in wonder? Here's your chance to come up with some clever interpretations of your own.

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  • What could it mean?

See the comments for my answer to get you started, then share one of your own.

Have fun!


Kris said...

Royal Caribbean Houseboats

Running2Ks said...

Rich Crazy Housewives

Anonymous said...

River Cross Hovercrafts