The 4-H Youth Development Program

The 4-H Youth Development Program is dear to my heart. Before I came of age – nine was the magic number to join 4-H when I was a kid – I'd envy my cousins and their cool 4-H activities. If I was lucky, there would be a 4-H meeting or two during the time I spent with them each summer and I'd get to tag along. The summer I turned nine, I enrolled in 4-H, and remained active in the program through my high school years.

Now, my kids are third generation 4-Hers and I volunteer as an adult leader. It's still a great program.

The Clover Corner News, the national online newsletter for 4-H, generously gave some space to Team Challenges – and this long-time 4-Her – in the current issue. I hope that 4-Hers from across the country improve their creativity and team building skills by trying out a few of the fun activities from Team Challenges!

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