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The world of home educators is one that has surely been improved by technology and the advent of blogging. With the click of a button, those homeschooling (or considering it!) can take a little peek into the lives of the people in the trenches. Ron and Andrea Rennick at Atypical Homeschool share details of their homeschool journey, and, as they say:

Our site is for homeschoolers who don’t fit any mold, homeschoolers who are eclectic, use a mish-mash of materials or just wing it. For all the shades of unschoolers to those with a Classical bent and everything in between, here’s a site for the rest of us.

Atypical Homeschool is today's stop for the Team Challenges blog book tour. Andrea posted not only a lovely review of Team Challenges but also shares how – via one verbal challenge - her daughter finagled ice cream for breakfast…Go Meaghan!

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Running2Ks said...

I love that site--great tour stop!