**Balloon Walk**

From Chapter 7 of Team Challenges, this activity is also featured at A to Z Home's Cool. This task simply cannot be completed without the participation of every person on the team.

Set Up:
Mark a finish line on the floor using tape. Line up the team parallel to the finish line and about twenty feet away. Place a blown up balloon or beach ball between each player's hips and instruct them not to drop the balloons or balls. Read the team instructions out loud to the team.

Team Instructions:
Have you ever heard the term 'joined at the hips'? In this task, you have the opportunity to see exactly what that means. Without dropping any of the balloons or beach balls, you have three minutes to work your way to the finish line. If you drop a balloon or beach ball, you must begin again at the start line. You will be notified when you have one minute remaining.

Have Fun!

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