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Elsa Neal, the creativity editor for Bella online has posted a very detailed re
view of Team Challenges at Bella's creativity site. She says, in part,

It's easy to see how the challenges could help to develop a child's confidence as well as exposing children to career and skill development options. Solutions are not necessarily guaranteed and children can be encouraged to continue thinking a problem through when the time is up and to present further ideas later, or even try the task again.

The review is up in preparation for my upcoming live chat at Bella online. The chat will be held on Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 7:30PM EST. If you want to talk creativity, or have any specific questions about Team Challenges, I invite you to join me! In order to participate, you simply need to register a user name and password (Elsa promises me it's easy!). Register at least a few minutes in advance of the start time. Looking forward to chatting!

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