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Shana Ronayne Hickman, editor of Live Free, Learn Free magazine was a skeptic, and understandably so. Most unschoolers believe strongly in child-led learning and prefer not to use curriculum or activities that require strict guidelines. Not surprisingly, Live Free, Learn Free embraces that concept:

Live Free Learn Free is a magazine for unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers. All material is written by those who home educate – both parents and children. It is an inclusive magazine, not only for and by experienced unschoolers, but also for and by those just starting down the path. It embraces those who are radical in their unschooling methods and those who are less so.

But mostly, it’s a magazine about children living life.

Really living life – unhindered by curriculums, by lunch bells and standardized tests, by schoolyard bullies and tedious homework. It’s about freedom. It’s about families growing closer than they ever dreamed possible.

When I first discussed Team Challenges with Shana, she was intrigued, but uncertain as to whether or not it would fit within her educational beliefs. I'm pleased to say that after trying out some of the challenges from the book, she's a convert!

The beauty of these activities is that they are completely open-ended. In the entire book, there is not a single correct way to answer a question or solve a challenge. Not one! The flexibility for just how to solve a challenge is what makes these great creativity starters. And that flexibility means that the challenges work just as well with unschoolers as they do in a classroom setting.

Shana's blogging about Team Challenges – stop by and let her know that I sent you!


Reba said...

I appreciate the work you are doing and am going to recommend your blog to my teacher education students. However, I found the format very frustrating; your links open new pages in the same window with no back button. So readers are thrown out of your blog everytime we click a link. Please consider changing that --- otherwise, very interesting blog.

Reba said...

Egads, I discovered the problem is mine, so sorry!!