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Up today, the guys at Ultimate Camp Resource. Ron and Chris have been very excited about Team Challenges, seeing the activities as a great resource for camp leaders. I have to agree. As I told Ron in a recent interview, I spent a week of many summers at 4-H camp as a kid, and the campfire activities were always my favorite. The verbal challenges in the book would be a great addition to quiet evenings, while the physical and improv challenges are just silly enough to charge up a group at an evening campfire event.

Ultimate Camp Resource offers a newsletter for camp planners as well as many free activities right on the web. It won't be long before camp season is in full swing; I anticipate many great photos of successful solutions from campers who have enjoyed these challenges!

The rest of the week will be a busy one on the virtual book tour! In addition to stops with Jennifer Margulis, Kevin Eikenberry, Joyce Wycoff and Kelly Ferry, I'll be doing my first live chat at covers much more than pregnancy; it's an online community for families, a place to learn successful parenting techniques, connect with other parents (or expectant parents) and discover what works for your family. The live chat will take place on Wednesday, January 18 at 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. You'll need to register ahead of time.

I hope that some of you will join me as my slow typing fingers work to keep up with the questions!

Until next time, have fun!

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