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Most weekends in January will find me enjoying time off as usual. But I have a couple of stops to report today. is featuring Team Challenges in the Front Hall. Comic relief for real-life desperate housewives, mommasaid is a Forbes Best of the Web site. Jen Singer, creator of mommasaid is the author of 14 Hours 'til Bedtime -- "Everybody Loves Raymond" crossed with "Operating Instructions": short, funny and honest. Like your kids.

As Jen says, during the Team Challenges blog book tour

...toothpicks, marshmallows and index cards will be transformed into towers and bridges, teaching kids that sometimes, it is okay to play with their food.

Arun Verma jumped on the blog book tour, too. My Creativity Busters post caught is eye long enough for a link at Cre8ive Ignition. Arum is co-founder and Creative Director of Uncube - a marketing solutions company and founder of Creativegarh – a worldwide community of people from all walks of creative life.

Tomorrow: Tim at StudentL Inc interviewed me about Team Challenges and creativity, and he'll be posting that interview to his blog.

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