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Kelly over at Baggage Carousel is today's stop on the blog book tour. Kelly points out some of the drawbacks of not having team building skills or activities to use when working with a group of kids:

We participated in Odyssey of the Mind back in NY, and I think this book should be on the required materials list for all team leaders. Our experience with Odyssey could have been so much better if the leader had some of the skills this book encourages, instead it turned into a free-for-all-stress-fest and every time I picked my kid up from the meetings, the leader looked like she wanted to kick each child in the back of the head as they walked out the door.

The visual here made me giggle, but I hope this one volunteer leader doesn't prevent Kelly or other families from trying out a creative problem solving program again. The skills that kids learn by participating are indeed very valuable.

Kelly promises to post photos soon - I'm going to ask permission to post them here, too!

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