Deep Fun on the Blog Book Tour

Doing a blog book tour has meant many "virtual" meetings with some wonderful – and wonderfully creative - people around the internet. Through blogs, websites or email contacts, I've "met" these people and discovered others with a passion for introducing kids to creative thinking and successful team-building.

But, this online tour also gave me the opportunity to actually talk with someone who I have admired for some time via the internet. Bernie DeKoven's FunLog always inspires me with unexpected new ideas to present to the kids I work with. I've been especially intrigued by Bernie's posts about fun stuff like giant croquet games and oversized pick up sticks (my kids will LOVE these!).

Bernie is the author of Junkyard Sports and The Well-Played Game and has an impressive resume featuring major playfulness and fun. I was honored when he invited me to talk with him about Team Challenges for a FunCast, a short audio recording on his FunLog.

As you might expect from someone who believes in the power of play, the phone conversation was great, in spite of the early morning hour and being only a sip or two into my morning coffee. Bernie clearly has a knack for making people feel comfortable and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with him. Maybe someday, I'll have the chance to do so live, in person. Until then, I'll be content with watching his FunLog for new ideas.

If you'd like to hear my FunCast interview with Bernie DeKoven, click here.

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