**Door Jamb Span**


6 paper clips
5 mailing labels
1 paper napkin
12" square of tinfoil
1 pipe cleaner
1 rubber band
1 6" cardboard tube
A pair of scissors

Set up

Assemble materials near a 36" doorway. Read the materials list and the team instructions aloud to the team.

Team Instructions

When is a door not a door? When it's ajar. In this challenge, your task is to span the distance that a door normally fills. You must devise a method to make the materials you've been given reach from one side of a door jamb to the other. You may not alter the scissors, or use them as part of the final solution. You have five minutes to complete this task, but you'll receive 10 bonus points if you complete it in under four minutes. You'll also receive up to ten points each for creativity, cooperation and communication.

Have fun!

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