Fostering Creativity

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People will give Monet, Beethoven and Van Gogh credit for being creative souls, but likening themselves to those great ones as creative is unthinkable. Many people will deny having any creative ability at all. The likes of Monet, Beethoven and Van Gogh are rare, and yet artistic creativity is what most people think of when they hear the word. But if creativity isn't about art, what is it about?

Creativity is a thought process that allows for much experimentation. It's a fresh way of looking at old situations. It's a unique perspective. It's the ability to perceive situations or our surroundings in a new and unusual manner. Our world is filled with creative individuals…

~ Excerpted from Chapter 1 of Team Challenges

So how do you foster creativity? Especially in kids? I've addressed that in a post on Brette Sember's blog, my book tour stop for today. In addition to creativity busters, I've included creativity builders – simple (simple!) things you can do for young children that will encourage them to explore their creative side.

Brette is one of those creative individuals I mentioned. She is a retired attorney and the author of numerous books. From legal guides to pregnancy; from credit repair to American Girl quiz books, she writes about amazingly diverse topics. Her creativity allows her to see the potential in each of her subjects and then develop the idea into a successful book – no small skill.

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