Live Chat Today at Bella Online

Join me this evening at a live, online chat session at Bella Online. If you can forgive my slow and often errant typing fingers, that is. At 7:30 EST, I'll be chatting with site host Elsa Neal and online guests interested in the creative process. You'll need only a few minutes to register ahead of time.

Coming up tomorrow, Andrea at Atypical Homeschool takes her turn on the blog book tour for Team Challenges.

And, you still have time to request a free copy of my e-book, Ten Minute Tasks. In the past week, the e-book has gone out to camp directors, parents, park & recreation departments and teachers all over the states and even to Australia and Japan. All without a postage stamp!

Hope to see you at the chat!


Elsa Neal said...

I'm looking forward to chatting with you Kris :-)

Elsa Neal said...

The transcript of this chat is available as a pdf at