Mr. Luna's Bright Idea

Just ran across Mr. Luna's Bright Idea:

This Blog is devoted to my plan to get Oprah to help me give every child in America(PreK-12), just ONE Compact Fluorescent(CFL) bulb to take home and plug into their favorite lamp. This will help fight global warming by reducing our carbon emissions from electric power plants, save Americans AT LEAST 2.3 BILLION dollars in electricity costs, and help put America on the path to environmental sustainability. Thanks so much for your support, together we can make the world a better place.

This is what I mean when I talk about creative thinking! Now, maybe Oprah won't foot the entire bill (the census for 2004 puts the number of kids age 5-17 at over 53 million), but an idea like this will get people thinking. It might encourage some people to fork out for a fluorescent bulb or two themselves, or it might generate funding from people beyond Oprah. In any case, it's a never-thought of idea before – creative thinking at its best. It's what we need more of in the world!

Go get 'em, Mr. Luna!

Via Steve Spangler

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