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Sometimes it's great to be wrong. During the holiday gift-giving season, a number of people asked if Team Challengeswould be suitable for younger kids – preschool or kindergarten age. I thanked them for their interest in the book, and explained that while some of the challenges might suit these younger kids, most of them are probably best suited to kids in first or second grade and up.

Then along comes True Blue Semi-Crunchy Mama, proclaiming that her 3 & 5 year old kids had a blast with many of the activities! I'm so pleased to hear that Team Challenges are ageless after all.

Today's stop on the book tour for Team Challenges, True Blue Semi-Crunchy Mama is an unschooler, educating her kids at home, allowing them to lead the way to learning through their interests. Team Challenges as a part of that? I'm thrilled.

She says:

The philosophy behind “Team Challenges” is one I support: “every member of the team is a valuable part of the final solution…competition against one’s own teammates is counterproductive”. I think these skills are important, not only in formal work and school environments, but in everyday relationships (and, hence, homeschool). Everyone can benefit from learning to communicate and freeing their creative mind in a positive and supportive environment.

To read more about her experiences with Team Challenges, click here.

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Running2Ks said...

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this, Kris! You do great work :)