Want Ten Minute Tasks??

During January's blog book tour for Team Challenges, I sent out close to two hundred free copies of Ten Minute Tasks. It was a great opportunity to introduce people to the types of activities they'll find in Team Challenges, and it's easier than sifting through this site (although, the challenges here, and those in Ten Minute Tasks do differ).

I'd like to increase the number of photos from creative problem solvers on this site. Don't you agree? It's fun to see the way teams solve some of these challenges! And you quiet visitors - come out from behind your keyboards and add an answer to the word challenges such as Team Talk or Back Talk that I post here!

And how's this for incentive? From here on out, anyone who sends a photo of a solution to a challenge either from this site or Team Challenges (no faces, please!) or answers a word challenge will receive Ten Minute Tasks – free. Send your photos via email. If you post a comment, please follow up with an email letting me know where to send Ten Minute Tasks.

How much simpler can it get?

Have fun – can't wait to see what you come up with!

PS: Don't have a snappy answer or a photo? Ten Minute Tasks is still available via the Amazon button in the right hand sidebar.

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