Leonardo's Basement

"This is a lot of fun," says Olivia, a third grader, looking up from her project, which is designed to collect shedding hair from her dog. "In our regular school, we don't get a chance to play around with different tools like this glue gun."

Olivia is my kind of kid. This is from an excellent article on Connect for Kids about Leonardo's Basement. Leonardo's Basement is based in Minnesota and is

an innovative educational organization for children and their families. We create imaginative learning environments where girls and boys ages 6 to 16 design and build their creative ideas, mixing art, science and technology. We provide exciting building experiences for over 600 children a year and introduce our programs to thousands more at neighborhood and community events.

Too bad it's not available nationally, but I'm going to add a link to my sidebar under creative problem solving programs anyway!

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