The Performance Looms

Tomorrow the kids perform the solution to their challenge in front of an entire school in an exhibition style program (no tournament here – there isn't a Destination Imagination affiliate in Hawaii, and nowhere in the scheme of my life could I pull off starting one.). Here's how it looks:
  • The kids realized two days ago that the script they wrote last week (!) doesn't actually coincide with the backdrops they spent weeks creating or the costumes they spent months sewing. They will work without a backdrop and with new costumes. Costumes that they plan to make tonight.
  • The technical device that was created fires tennis balls with impressive speed, but has yet to land in its intended target.
  • The lead character announced today - less than 24 hours before the show - that he won't be at the performance because his family is going to be off-island. A second player went home sick; we're hoping for a speedy recovery.
  • They managed to complete a Team Challenge in between searching for scripts, finding props and eating lunch. And, they were quite successful. Teamwork and communication is much improved over the course of the last four months.
  • After tomorrow's show, I will indulge in a giant chocolate chip cookie and breathe a sigh of relief. My Fridays are once again free – until about next September.

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