Taking Care of Business

  • Don't forget, through the month of April you can win a lovely tote bag perfect for groceries or library books or carrying around wild supplies like straws, cups and sticky dots. Basically, solve a challenge, send a picture, you're entered to win. Click here for full details.

  • Sometime in April I'll be adding another contest in conjunction with a recent interview I taped for The Homecshooler Next Door. I'll be giving away an autographed copy of Team Challenges, so stay tuned.

  • If you already own Team Challenges, consider stopping by Amazon or Barnes and Noble to leave a comment/review. If you don't have Team Challenges, shame on you! Kidding! Really, if you don't, pick your favorite book from your shelves and take a minute to leave an online review. Consider this a public service announcement for all of the authors out there – we all thank you.

  • My e-book, Ten Minute Tasks is still available for those of you who are curious about this type of activity. You can read more about it here or order it via the Amazon link in the sidebar for two bucks.

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