Win a Tote!

Proving that with modern technology anyone can create a product, I spent some time this weekend at Café Press, making some "custom" T-shirts and this very cool tote.

So cool, in fact that I'm giving one away.

From now until the end of April, every person who comments on this blog will be registered to win – your name goes once into my glittery top hat. Creative problem solvers who submit a photo of a solution either from this site or from Team Challenges will have their name tossed into the hat once, twice, three times. Better odds!

So, get busy folks. If you win, you and I will be using the same tote to pack around library books or groceries.

Have fun!

PS: Make sure that your comment links to a blog/email address where I can reach you in case you win.

PS again: (If your eyes are failing you, the images are of Great Solutions from this site, Team Challenges, and the text reads: A group of friends. Ten minutes or less. How will you solve the problem?)

1 comment:

Running2Ks said...

*Drooling* and coveting your very creative tote!