Worldwide Visitors

The good news is that traffic to this site is steadily increasing. Group leaders from around the world are exploring, looking through the challenges (see list in sidebar) and introducing their groups to creative problem solving. Just in the last week, I've had visitors from Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, India, Barbados, the United States and more.

I'm thrilled that the Team Challenge bug is catching. But here's the not so good (but easy to fix!) news. This is what my inbox looks like:

Yep. It's been pretty quiet. I love getting photographs of the solutions that team come up with, but I haven't had many lately. I encourage you to snap a photo the next time your team tries out a challenge from this site or from Team Challenges. Send it to me, and I'll share it here, for all of my visitors to see. And you'll get a copy of Ten Minute Tasks. Sweet deal, eh?

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