Alternative Style Golf

Many years ago (too many years ago, I think) during camping trips in northern California, I played a game that participants dubbed "mountain golf". The only equipment we had to start with was a tennis ball for each player. Before play could begin, participants hunted the woods for the perfect "club" and then determined the first hole. The first hole was generally far across a field and only a vague destination. Something along the lines of "over there, at the base of that dead tree".

Accuracy with a heavy stick and a bouncing tennis ball in a bumpy field or forest of trees is seldom possible, so reaching the first hole could take a substantial amount of time. Upon nearing the first hole, there was much opportunity for interpretation and negotiation about whether the ball had actually made it to the designated spot or not. Once all tennis balls arrived at the first hole, hole number two was decided upon, and play continued.

I've never heard of anyone outside that particular circle of friends opting for an alternative style of golf. So, when I read about junkyard golf a year or so ago, I was suitably impressed.

If you've not heard of junkyard golf, you will be amazed, I think, at how much fun this idea is. Get this – the entire course and equipment is made from – junk. It's creative. It's hands on. It's definitely something I want to try soon.

Author and fun guy Bernie DeKoven is offering a free e-book detailing how to host a junkyard golf & potluck event. It's called – surprise! – Junkyard Golf & Potluck. In the book, Bernie shares how to work the event (and food!) into a three-hour period of time, from forming teams and gathering junk to the trophy (junk, of course!) presentation. An event like this would be ideal for an end of school picnic or for celebrating the end of your team's creative problem solving year.

You can download it here.

Have fun!

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