Back Talk

Try out this backward questions to get everyone thinking creatively. With these, kids can’t just shout out answers; first they have to rearrange their thought process and phrase their answer as a question.

Take for instance: The answer is round. What is the question?

When I've presented kids with this one, they immediately start rattling off round items. A ball! An apple! A marble! When I stop them to explain again, they will usually look puzzled for a bit, and then come up with some beauties.

  • What shape is an apple (or ball or marble)?
  • What turns into ground if you add a 'g'?
  • What follows merry-go-?

Ready to try one of your own?

  • The answer is daisy. What is the question?

Add your answers via the comment button along with a way to contact you, and you'll be entered to win this very cool tote!


Anonymous said...

what kind of flower can make a chain?

Anonymous said...

What is the nickname given to Juliet Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouting.