Dollar Store Challenge

I ran across this post by Laura Torres at

Claudine Hellmuth is a famous collage artist with a quirky sense of humor, so I was excited to read about a silly challenge she did with a friend that could translate into some serious family fun.

She and her artist friend decided to create a work of art with only items they found at the Dollar Store. They gave themselves a budget and no time to think or plan before they went shopping. They came home with their treasures and went to work. She and her friend were very pleased with the results and considered it a good exercise in creativity.

In searching the internet further, I found that awhile back, Craftster challenged creative folks to spend $5 on materials at a dollar store and create something wonderful. It's unclear to me if this contest is directly related to Claudine Hellmouth or not. In any case, some of the entries are pretty impressive.

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