It's remarkably easy to encourage creative, playful thinking, simply by giving kids (and yourself!) the freedom to try new things in a non-judgmental environment.

Surprise your kids and join them in a few of these creative endeavors:

  1. Paint an old pair of tennis shoes
  2. Look for pictures in the stars and clouds
  3. Make mud pies
  4. Write your name with sticks and twigs
  5. Play charades
  6. Have a backwards day; with dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner
  7. Wear mismatched socks in public
  8. Build things out of recycled items and tape
  9. Read the last page of a book and make up a story to go with it
  10. While driving, choose names for the trees you pass
  11. Invent a better mousetrap
  12. Play with shaving cream in the bathtub or shower
  13. Choose two or three games from your shelf and create one game from them all
  14. Use washable markers to tattoo each other
  15. Have a root beer float for breakfast
  16. Create new uses for a common object – salad tongs, for instance, could be giant eyebrow tweezers
  17. Make a blanket fort
  18. Use unexpected materials in your art: paint with a blown up balloon, use a clean shoe to make prints in play dough or sculpt with cooked spaghetti
  19. Pretend to have a million dollar bank account for a day – how will you spend it?
  20. Tell a joke
  21. Write a letter using numbers from the telephone key pad as the code
  22. Make a costume out of nothing but brown paper bags
  23. Bake something but add an unexpected ingredient
  24. Choose a secret pal and write an anonymous letter telling why s/he's so special
  25. Decorate a giant cardboard box with stickers, markers and crayons
  26. Try a different angle – instead of painting on an easel, tape paper to the underside of a table and paint like Michelangelo
  27. Create rules for an all-new ball game and then teach it to the neighborhood kids
  28. Make up a newspaper style headline about your day
  29. Choose five items from a kitchen drawer and make up a story about them
  30. Imagine what it would be like to be a hero for a day
  31. Learn restaurant slang and use it to place your order next time you dine out (there's a fun list here:
  32. Plant a lollipop in the garden
  33. Look more closely. Everyday objects have detail that is often missed. That white wall? Look at the spackle patterns. The tree in the yard? Look at the detail in each leaf.
  34. Play a song on the telephone key pad
  35. Call a radio station and request a song using only adjectives, not the song title
  36. Read the last page of a book and imagine how the characters got there
  37. Talk to your plants
  38. Choose a persona and spend your day in character
  39. Paint to the beat of your favorite music
  40. Smile and wave at a stranger as though they are a long lost friend
  41. Write a giant letter to a friend on butcher paper and mail it in a tube
  42. Take a sketchpad and colored pencils with you to the store and try to capture a scene
  43. Pick a fruit or vegetable from the produce market that you've never tried before
  44. Make up cartoon names for the members of your family
  45. Listen to music from another country
  46. Dance with scarves
  47. Gather your friends and tell a progressive story – each person adds one sentence at a time
  48. Go to a craft store and pick out something that you don't need
  49. Eat with chopsticks
  50. Decorate your bedroom door to suit your personality
Have fun!

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Running2Ks said...

I love these! And thank you again for the tote. I have to say, your book is something I do recommend to my fellow homeschoolers!