Book News from my "Team"

Writing is a very solitary activity. Authors sit in front of a keyboard and screen and string words together into sentences to create books. Some of us are interrupted by children every 2.6 seconds. Some of us take a laptop to the corner java shop. Some of us write from the sidelines of a soccer game. But always, it's us alone in front of a screen.

We've skipped the cubicles and commute, but we're also missing out on the sense of camaraderie that comes from working with a group of people. Writers' workshops and conventions and groups can fill that void for some, depending on their location. For others, we’ve come to rely on the Internet as a way to stay in touch with other writers and do our best to be a supportive "team". On that note, I'm going to take advantage of the fact that this is MY blog and go a wee bit off topic here (if I can't do it here, where else can I do it??). My "team" of writer friends from around the 'net are varied and wonderful and several have some new things in the works, so I'd like to bang the gong a bit for them, if you don't mind.

First up is the lovely Jennifer Margulis. She is cruising her way around the internet on a blog book tour to promote Why Babies Do That: Baffling Baby Behavior Explained

And they are baffling, aren't they, babies? I mean what prompts a baby to suck her thumb or blow spit bubbles or play in his poop. The book is put together beautifully (these are things that writers notice), with the most adorable baby pictures accompanying each interesting behavior. See the front cover? The whole book is that beautiful.

Next is an inspirational book of essays written by Kevin Eikenberry. Kevin is an expert in developing organizational and individual potential. He blogs regularly about teamwork and creativity and has been a great supporter of Team Challenges. I'm pleased to share that Kevin has added "author" to his long list of credentials. Titled Vantagepoints on Learning and Life, his new book is full of inspiration to live in the moment. The essays are brief; keep this book in your car! Waiting in line for gas at Costco will become a pleasure. Plus, you'll put the book down feeling like each and every day, even with ups and downs, is a gift to treasure and an opportunity to learn another of life's little lessons.

Finally, I just learned that Andrea Buchanan (who has edited and published not one, not two, but three books in the past six months) will be featured on CNN for Mother's Day. This may seem like a silly thing to most of you, but a writer couldn't ask for a better Mother's Day gift- unless it's a strawberry flavored sloppy kiss from one of her babies.

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