Ten Keys to Thinking Creatively

I've seen mention of Squidoo, but never took the time to explore until today. While checking it out (searching for creative problem solving pages, of course!), I ran across this page by Crystal King, where she shares a great list, Ten Keys to Thinking Creatively. Her number nine item is one that I've used with my creative problem solving teams over and over.

DON'T STOP WITH ONE IDEA: The more ideas you have, the better your chances of finding a good one. Don't be afraid to keep asking questions. Look for alternatives. Never just settle for one answer.

My teams have learned to continue looking for more solutions, even after they think they've solved a problem. They've learned that often their best idea comes later in the game. But, if they do forget to keep looking for ideas, I'll ask them, "What's another way you could do it?" Just the reminder to keep at it helps them to work until they reach the best possible solution.

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