Cub Scout Teamwork

Members of Pack 1520 in Alexandria, VA worked in two different groups to solve the same Team Challenge - one that involves a new invention and a sales pitch.

The first group pictured created their own super mail sorter.

The second group invented an alarm clock that would wake them up in the morning (... by flinging the ruler). I guess they're heavy sleepers!

From the same challenge, two very different solutions. How's that for creativity at work?

If your group has solved a challenge and wants to share a picture of their solution, email it to me, and I'll post it here!

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Running2Ks said...

KRIS, thank you so much for my great t-shirt prizes. You are so thoughtful and they are perfect. They make me happy. And we look adorable in them ;)

Thank you again. You are a great writer--and a great friend.