Loads of Laughs

I heard from someone who bought Team Challenges today:
Loved your book. We did lots of the cooperative
activities.....loads of laughs.....
This is from a mom. She did the activities with her family. This is why I have conflicting feelings about the fact that Team Challenges is considered to be an "education" book. Sure, it's great for encouraging creative problem solving in the classroom. But I really hate for it to be pigeonholed like that.

It's not just my problem, though. I remember reading some time ago that a romance writer's group was up in arms because author Diana Gabaldon had received a romance writer's award. The romance writer's group felt that her book was not true romance - it's historical fiction; it's sci fi; it's romance. But not just ONE of these things. I guess there's not an award for historical fiction novels that are romantic and fantastic.

This is true of so many types of books, fiction and non-fiction alike. Books should make us think, cross boundaries, entertain. I think it would be very dull indeed to read a novel that was entirely one-dimensional.

And so it goes with Team Challenges. If it was filled with ONLY verbal activities and nothing else, it would get dull very quickly. If it had ONLY building challenges, same story. I like to think that it's a nice mix - no matter what genre it's listed in. Loads of laughs can be had by all!