Painless Family Travel *plus* Teamwork

Traveling. It’s what many of us dream of doing. And yet, when we find ourselves in the midst of actually doing it, the bulging suitcases, over-excited passengers and overflowing backseat can make us wonder why. Arguments over infractions like crossing the invisible back seat line erupt as kids complain. “He’s looking at me!”, “She touched me!”, and the ever familiar, “When are we going to get there??”

Well, it's that time of year again. Travel Talk is my tribute to the families and friends who head out on vacations of any size this summer, prepared to spend some quality time together as a family No Matter What.

It's an ebook, one that you can download right to your computer screen by clicking here. With it, your family will build bonds and teamwork skills, and you might even arrive at your destination without tears. Psst. Pass it on. It's free.

Have fun!

**Download Travel Talk - a new e-book (free for now)**