Sweltering? Here's a summer cool-off activity for you!

Summertime calls for some creative cool-offs for kids. This is a fun activity for good swimmers! Use caution, common sense and always supervise kids in water.


Team leader

Set up

Gather the materials and place them on the pool deck near the shallow end of
the pool. Assemble the team at the opposite end of the pool. Read the materials list and the team instructions out loud to the team.


5 clay pots
5 unopened food cans (sorry mom!)
5 pieces of PVC pipe, less than 15" in length
8 plastic cups
12" length of duct tape

Team instructions

Your building materials are assembled at the other end of the pool. You have ten minutes to build a tower as tall as possible - underwater. At the end of the allotted time, your tower must be resting on the bottom of the pool. Players may not exit the pool during building time. You will receive up to ten points each for creativity, communication and cooperation. You will also earn 20 bonus points if the top of your tower breaks the surface of the water.

Have fun!