Ten Minute Tasks

My e-book, Ten Minute Tasks is available again! Again, you ask? Yep, again. For a time it was available at an e-book site, but that site mysteriously disappeared one day, never to be seen again. I refuse to use PayPal because they *still* have a small amount of my money in an account that I cannot access (and they are mean. Really.). But, viola! Enter Google checkout. I've tested it, and so far I like it!

Ten Minute Tasks is a 15 page e-book that includes a variety of challenges - verbal challenges for warm ups and creativity building, plus construction challenges and physical challenges to build teamwork and communication skills.

If you've been itching to try out some challenges, this is a great way to get your feet wet, so to speak. Just be certain that you DON'T check the little ticky box that keeps your e-mail private - I'll need that in order to send out Ten Minute Tasks.