A Message from Australia

I recently received a message from a teacher in Australia:
I am a teacher at Yakamia Primary School in Albany, Western Australia. To begin each of my lessons with my Year 7 Technology Class this term I have been using some of your “Ten Minute Tasks” which I found on the net. The children are REALLY enjoying the tasks. I would love to get a copy of these tasks and your book of Team Challenges.

He asks,
"Do you have an Australian publisher?"

No, I don't. My publisher is in America, but the book is distributed internationally. Ordering books from Amazon is an option for Aussies, but with the exchange rate, it gets expensive.
I will continue using the terrific ideas on the blog. If you can help me locate any other information about how to get your book I would really appreciate your help and I know the kids will really benefit.

I suggested that he check with his local bookseller – most booksellers can order any book that's requested, though I don't know if that will solve the exchange rate problem or not.

But then, I started thinking. If this is a problem for one Aussie, it might be a problem for more. Let's have some fun with this. If you are from Australia and find that you are having trouble getting Team Challenges, simply send an Australian postcard to me at:

PMB 153
75-5660 Kopiko St. C7
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Write your email address on the postcard, and I will send out my Ten Minute Tasks e-book to you – free.

Meanwhile, have fun with the tasks listed in the sidebar! Over there -->>