If you build it….

…they will come? It might work for Kevin Costner, but not for many of us.

I saw this first hand last week. I stopped by a local educational supply store to introduce myself. I brought along copies of all of my books, but interestingly, the owner was most intrigued with Team Challenges. She said that she has teachers in the store regularly who ask about team building books for use in the classroom – but she had never heard of Team Challenges and didn't have anything to offer. She promptly ordered half a dozen books to put on her shelf.

Of course, the fact that she hadn't heard of Team Challenges isn't surprising. There are so many publishing houses, there's no way that all of the stores – or teachers or team leaders – can know about all of the books that are available. Unfortunately, as this situation shows, just writing a book doesn't guarantee that the people who need it will be able to find it.

If you know of a teacher or team manager or creative problem solving group that might benefit from Team Challenges, send them a link to this site so they can try out some of the challenges listed in the sidebar. They just might thank you for it!