Line 'Em Up

At my last team building workshop, the tables were turned and I found myself facing a challenge: come up with a challenge that would entertain and build teamwork using only materials that I could scrounge up around the hotel where I was staying.

You see, the first workshop had extra people in it so I had to use materials that I had brought for the next day's session, leaving me a challenge short on day two. I flipped through Team Challenges to find a task that I could modify*.

*Have I mentioned here that most of the challenges in Team Challenges can be easily modified to incorporate the materials you have on hand? I even include a list of possible substitute materials in the front of the book. I'm all about making it easy!

I gathered up materials from my surroundings: drinking straws from the coffee kiosk, paper "sanitary" covers from the glasses in my room, mini brochures from the lobby, and Styrofoam cups from the water bar. Then I presented the Line 'Em Up challenge from page 97 in Team Challenges – albeit with entirely new materials. Here are the solutions: